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The basic idea behind is both simple and powerfully effective: 

We research community organizations that work with underprivileged children and carefully choose our partners.  We then give toy catalogs (20 toys under $25, selected by our staff) to these organizations to distribute among the children they support. On each profile card, the children tell us about themselves (name, age, favorite food, etc.), draw a picture on the back, and choose one toy as their holiday wish.

After collecting the cards, we scan the kids' drawings and enter their information into an online profile for each child.  Sponsors from around the community can then visit, browse through all of the children's profiles, and sponsor a child (or two!) by completing checkout.  The toys are bulk-purchased through our distributors and are shipped to the community organizations where they are wrapped and given to the children a few days before the holidays.

Proceeds from the sponsorships are placed into the Fund, which is used to fulfill the wishes of any children who were not sponsored.  At the end of each holiday season, ten percent of the remainder is distributed to our community organizations, and the rest is used to help grow our operations. 

Our online sponsorship system provides benefits to all involved:

To the child: 
We allow each child to actually choose their own toy. Remember when you were a kid and would pore through the Sunday paper in search of the latest toy advertisements during the holidays? Well, we allow these children to do exactly that. And then we guarantee that they will get exactly what they want, not just charity gifts which might be chosen and distributed at random. 

To the sponsor: 
We provide a more personal gift-giving experience for sponsors. We go the extra step in trying to include hand-drawn pictures by the children and interesting tidbits about their likes and dislikes. And by providing an online option for sponsorship, we make the entire sponsorship experience both easier and more efficient. 

To the community organization: 
We provide the entire solution to enable an private-label online sponsorship service. Everything - from the printing of the cards to the delivery of the gifts - is included in our offering. Beyond drastically reducing the effort and time necessary to support these online giving programs, we also distribute ten percent of the proceeds in the form of cash donations to these organizations at the end of each holiday season.

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